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Our Team

Mylene & Axel are both certified fitness coaches & personal trainers genuinely passionate about helping others get healthier, fitter, and mentally stronger.

We both have certifications in personal training & certifications in nutrition.

Our vision is to make people's lives healthier so our clients can be happier and create a better everyday life!

We have the power to choose our reality, and we sincerely believe that a healthy diet and regular exercise are the first steps toward a better quality of life.

We created Team Sunrise because we wanted to use the knowledge we have gained over the years to help as many people as possible.

We fully dedicate our life into fitness and we know fitness is a big part of everyone's life but there is misinformation everywhere and we wanted to make sure people can be guided the right way with us.


Join now and have the right coaches by your side to guide you for your fitness journey and physical goals!

- Axel & Mylene


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